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American Badger 2021

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Stream New movie American Badger 2021 in 1080p HD. American Badger is a 2021 Canadian action-thriller film a couple of ostensibly cold-blooded Hitman appointed to befriend a call girl. All hell breaks loose once he’s forced to kill her. Written by, directed, and starring Kirk Caouette, the important Fiction Productions motion-picture show conjointly stars Andrea Stefancikova, Michael Kopsa, and the city of Stefancik. Assigned himself as the agitated protagonist there is self-appeasement in Caouette’s work that feels unearned gets to beat up the bad guys and get the girl but delivers lines like he’s reading the shipping forecast. The spark is non-existent between him and Stefancikova who portrays the poorly written prostitute Velvet. An eccentrically layered agenda and credible desire to entertain keep American Badger from being the disjointed elongated fight reel it could have been. Brashly confident and artistically adventurous it will not disappoint those with a craving for the cinematic craft of choreographed chaos. Download free full movie online and Watch the films at Home.

Title: American Badger 2020
Director: Kirk Caouette
Writers: Kirk Caouette
Stars: Kirk Caouette, Andrea Stefancikova, Michael Kopsa

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